The Schweibenalp seminar centre offers seminar rooms in various sizes, simple accommodation designed with love and tasty, vegetarian organic cuisine.

Our different event rooms are suitable for smaller groups as well as for events with a large number of participants (up to 100 people in winter, up to 200 people in summer).

Our guesthouse with its 100 beds was built at the time of the founding of Swiss mountain tourism. On the grounds, in addition to the residential and temple chalet, are the new seminar house and the various staff residences; the farmhouse and, on a small hill, the alpine house.

The Vedic fire tent (Dhuni) can be used for fire ceremonies on request and after instruction. The ceremonies conducted by the centre in it are open to all guests.

The meditation room, lovingly decorated in the style of a small temple, and the sweat lodge area are freely accessible to all guests. A children’s pavilion with sandpit, the in-house library with large north veranda and the Lakshmi shop with books and selected articles (partly from our own permaculture production) complete the offer for our guests.

The grounds are designed according to Feng Shui principles by Heinrich Zak and have been neutralised with the Turbovis energy system to neutralise geopathic stress. For more information, please visit www.turbovis.ch.

We welcome our seminar guests to extend their stay by a few days before or after the seminar.

You can also spend your holiday with us, relax in the beautiful nature surrounding us, dive deep into the devotional atmosphere of our temple, get to know our permaculture project and of course enjoy our vegetarian buffet. We look forward to hearing from you.