Voluntary Service and Working Guests

We frequently offer volunteering places in our seminar house and in our permaculture project. We are happy for requests!

Would you like to take a break and do something meaningful at the same time?

  • We offer you the opportunity to be with us and to experience community.
  • We live and work together in Schweibenalp and we share the place with our guests.
  • While working in the various areas it is needed clarity and tolerance with other people, a good ability to communicate and also please don’t forget to bring your humour, independence and self-responsibility.
  • Attendance in the volunteer meetings and regular conversations are compulsory. Your are welcome in the events of the community which you can regularly find in the weekplan.
  • As a volunteer you work for 6 hours per day, 5 days a week in exchange for free accommodation and food. To cover our tax-based costs (VAT), we ask you to pay CHF 120.- for the first month, and CHF 90.- for all following months. They are not necessarily at the weekend and not necessarily two days running.
  • It might be necessary to work longer hours during intensive times, which will be balanced out during your stay. 2 days per week are free.
  • Your volontueering services can be done in homecare, kitchen, maintenance or permaculture.
  • Even if you are assigned to work in permacultur you will work one of your five working days in one of the departments of the course centre (mainly homecare or kitchen).
  • The period of Volunteering is for a minimum of 30 days in the seminarhouse and for a minimum of 60 days in permaculture and (for non-Swiss people) max. 90 days (due to permits of residence law).

Are you interested in getting an insight into our organic, vegetarian and vegan kitchen? In the summer season there is a possibility to work in our kitchen as a long-term volunteer for 2 to 4 months.

More informationan about the voluntary service: here

Please fill in the application form  and send it to [email protected].

For more information please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Working Guests

Just like volunteers, working guests are an important part of our community and daily business. For your support we deduct CHF 10 per hour worked from your room and board bill. It cannot be cumulated with other discount programs. You may work up to 4 hours a day. The minimum stay for working guests is 4 nights, the days of arrival and departure do not count as working days. For more information please contact: [email protected]